During the appointment, Sarah J. watched carefully as her physical therapist demonstrated each exercise. She thought she understood the directions clearly at the time. Now she is on her way with a bunch of exercises to do at home.

Was I supposed to rotate my shoulder that way?

Now that she has returned home, she is not able to replicate the exact positions that elicits the desired stretch. And the exercise handout isn’t helping, the vague outline of the exercise is just showing starting and ending position.

To make matters worse, it is weekend and the PT clinic does not have any appointment until mid next week. She is left with two bad options – continue doing the exercise, and risk doing it incorrectly—and possibly doing harm—or not doing the exercise at all until she is able to see her therapist.

This happens more often than not. The evidence points to about 70% of patients likely to be non-adherent to some degree.

Virtual REHAB to the rescue

Wouldn’t it be helpful if she could get the knowledge, guidance from the PT to help her with her movements at her home vs. going to therapist’s clinic? After all, it does not make any sense for someone like her who has recently gone through surgery to get in the car and find her way to the therapist’s clinic, just to ask a simple question or pay to have someone watch her exercise.

That’s precisely the type of experience that Sprite Health’s virtual rehabilitation program is designed to deliver.

The program starts with a detailed virtual assessment and evaluation, which is followed by a collaborative care plan that addresses the specific needs and goals of the member.

There are regular live video visits scheduled between member and her dedicated physical therapist. After each session, the therapist prescribes her with a series of appropriate videos in the app, with clear demonstrations of the exercises that should be completed at home.

The app guides the member through her prescribed exercises, providing feedback and encouragement in real time. That information is then reviewed by the physical therapist, who can update the prescription (as needed).

Since the members know that their exercises are being tracked, they are more likely to follow their program.

As a result, they are more engaged in their treatment and their own role in self-care. Also, being able to get timely and accurate feedback from the therapist improves their chances of a quick and safe recovery.

More convenient care, shorter treatment times, better engagement and improved outcomes? Sounds like a win-win for both employers and their people.

Sprite health helps employers and health plans get the most out of their musculoskeletal benefits. Our digital musculoskeletal (MSK) platform provides a single point of access for all MSK conditions, across the entire MSK continuum. Our virtual physical therapy services provide a more affordable and convenient way to prevent and treat pain. MSK triage ensures that members get help and advice to pick the right treatment at the right time. Chronic pain management provides an evidence-based, PT-led digital program for chronic joint and back pain that includes personalized exercise therapy, behavioral health support, education & guidance. MSK financial management leverages predictive analytics, clinical expertise and plan administration capabilities to eliminate waste – resulting in over 30% net savings in your MSK spend.