In the value-based world, the need to better manage members’ underlying conditions and minimize potentially avoidable costs is growing faster than ever. Care management is now important for many more individuals than the usual high-risk, high-touch member.

Sprite Health is the only solution that can help you support the needs of a broader segment of your member population – no matter where they are on the spectrum of need. It amplifies the reach of your staff beyond their focus on preventable medical events to multiple high-potential sources of value.

Amplify the capabilities of your care staff

  • Accurately find the right members to target
  • Develop highly personalized care plans that address biopsychosocial needs
  • Right-size care to each member’s needs at a point in time
  • Engage members by meeting them where they are by using multiple channels
  • Leverage remote monitoring to intervene at key inflection points

Superior health outcomes for your members

  • Use evidence-based interventions designed to impact outcomes
  • Provide daily support and connected care to reduce exacerbation of conditions
  • Leverage interdisciplinary care delivery to address biopsychosocial concerns
  • Measure the effectiveness of each intervention and course correct for maximum impact

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