Sprite Health makes health insurance easy, affordable and personalized for your people.
Our tech-enabled solution provides a modern approach to design simpler, lower-cost, higher-value health benefits. It eliminates barriers like deductible and empowers your people with simple, transparent, upfront pricing for services and treatments that address their specific needs. With hands-on support by our concierge, your people get a seamless, personalized experience that makes accessing, understanding, navigating and paying for care effortless.
Purpose-built for self-funded employers, our open platform integrates all of your benefits in one place and provides you the line of sight to see what’s working and fix what’s not. It eliminates waste by steering employees away from overpriced healthcare providers through benefit design incentives – providing you significant savings. As your partner, we help you create and administer direct contracts with high-quality providers for reducing costs and improving the quality of care provided to your employees.

What sets us apart?

Our Technology

MLin health benefits

Our technology platform empowers you to take full control of your benefits and maximize the impact of your budget. 

With our ‘command and control’ center, you can design benefits that work for your people, create custom provider networks that produce better cost and quality outcomes, execute and manage ‘pay for value’ contracts with providers, automate administrative operations, and measure the effectiveness of each benefit program.

Innovative Plan Designs

Innovative Plan Designs

With Sprite Health, you get incredible flexibility to design simpler and affordable health benefits. Your people can choose to subscribe to these lower-cost, higher-value plans that are most relevant to their personal situation throughout the year.

When they are ready to use their benefits, the upfront transparent pricing for each service and treatment makes it really simple for them to make good decisions.

For people who need more help, our concierge team integrates the best features from each program in your benefits’ ecosystem and creates unique, personalized care journey for them – regardless of their health status, eligibility for benefits, choice of health plan, or work location.



Reducing costs, improving outcomes does not mean you have to compromise. You don’t need to narrow or change your existing broad networks.

Sprite Health is vendor-agnostic. Our solution works on top of your existing benefit plans and programs – does not require you to change your preferred networks, giving your people their choice of providers wherever they are.

Business Alignment

Business Alignment

Sprite Health partners with self-funded employers and provides innovative technology and services to reduce costs and help them make a difference in their employees’ lives. 

Our business model is completely aligned with your business objectives. There is no disruption in your existing setup, no upfront payments to get started and our compensation is aligned to achieving cost savings and better outcomes for you.  

See for yourself

Sprite health demo
See for yourself how our simplified, easy-to-use interface dramatically elevate the experience you are able to provide your employees, improve health outcomes, and transform the way you can manage and optimize benefits throughout the year.