Sprite health’s digital MSK solutions reduce costs for employers and improve health outcomes for their people with musculoskeletal conditions.
MSK conditions (low back, shoulder, neck, hip or knee pain) make up about 15-20% of spend for most health plans and 50% of that is avoidable waste – delivering poor value to their health care investments. In addition, people with MSK conditions often have varied needs, co-morbidities, require multiple pathways and they face an antiquated, fragmented, and highly interventional system that is causing rising costs and declining outcomes.

Digital MSK Solutions

Sprite Health is the most advanced enterprise-scale musculoskeletal solution for employers and health plans. It provides a single point of access for all MSK conditions, across the entire continuum – from prevention to post-surgery care. We offer a suite of solutions to address MSK conditions and medical spend including:

  • Virtual physical therapy for acute, short-term injury episodes.
  • Digital care programs for chronic pain and pre/postoperative rehab.
  • MSK assessment and triage for help and advice to pick the right treatment first-time.
  • Access to high-performing Centers of Excellence (COEs) for bundled surgery.
  • Analytical platform that eliminates waste, inefficiencies and excess costs by addressing inappropriate utilization & price variability.

In contrast to ‘point’ disconnected services that employers have to stitch together, and often results in confusion and clutter for their employees – our digital MSK HUB uniquely covers the full continuum of MSK care to provide you the most complete solution, and your people a consistent experience for any MSK issue.

Built on AI-enabled technology platform, clinical support and high-touch concierge – our solutions provide a personalized care pathway for your people at any stage of their MSK journey.

See for yourself

Sprite health demo
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