To be successful in the value-based world, health payers and providers must evolve their infrastructure to meet the rising member expectations. Your members expect care that is more affordable, personalized to their needs, and easier access to a care delivery system that is highly coordinated and integrated. Sprite Health integrates a broad range of information to produce a comprehensive picture of your members, allowing you to see the full view of their health. With our full-stack value platform, you can address each individual’s holistic needs across their entire health care journey. We seamlessly connect digital, virtual, and in-person care to simplify their experience and empower you to accelerate transformation, drive growth, and adopt innovative payment models to ultimately make healthcare more equitable, more affordable, and simpler.

Modern data solutions

Our technology, data, and analytics solutions help healthcare payers and providers deliver the most personalized experience to their members with health navigation, integrated care management, and highly efficient provider networks.
Full-stack platform to power value-based-care

Health navigation

The health navigation solution helps you actively involve members at the right time – to improve their health, reduce risk, effectively navigate the healthcare system and make informed choices of health care.
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Integrated care management

The integrated care management solution amplifies the capabilities of your care staff by reaching many more members and providing them support in their health care journey through daily self-care, in partnership with their providers to achieve optimal health and well-being.
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Dynamic benefits

The dynamic benefits solution enables you to design benefits that increase healthcare access, address unmet needs and personalize care for members with equity gaps.
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Value alignment

The value-alignment solution enables you to accelerate value-based payment models to facilitate payer/provider/member alignment that is centered on improved outcomes and mitigation of rising healthcare costs.
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MSK Hub provides a single point of access for musculoskeletal care to all members – no matter where they are on the spectrum of need. Members receive integrated digital, virtual, and in-person care that achieves superior health outcomes for them, and reduces the total musculoskeletal spending.
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