Maximize the impact of your healthcare investments

Sprite health platform

Our comprehensive health benefits solution integrates disparate programs into a single platform, personalizes them to fit the needs of every employee and engages employees to make better health decisions. The platform helps employers to understand their employees’ needs, measure and optimize their benefit programs and pay for value. Using our unique, proactive and accountable approach to managing health benefits, organizations are able to reduce costs, improve outcomes and increase benefits satisfaction. Learn more.

Solutions for every role, across the enterprise and beyond

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Sprite health platform is specifically designed to meet the different needs of health benefits stakeholders across the entire enterprise and beyond. So no matter what role you play in the health benefits lifecycle, with our solutions you aren’t guessing at the answer, how to do it, or what it will do – you know.

See for yourself

Sprite health demo
See for yourself how our simplified, easy-to-use interface dramatically elevate the experience you are able to provide your employees, improve health outcomes, and transform the way your benefits team manage and optimize benefits throughout the year.