As an accountable care system, when we work with a company – we take responsibility to deliver improved health outcomes at lower cost for all members (employees and their families). Unlike traditional physician/hospital ACOs which are constrained by geography, our solution works on top of your existing benefit plans and programs – does not require any change in your preferred networks, programs or plan designs.
Our full-stack ACO platform combines technology, processes and people and provides a fresh perspective on designing, financing, operating and delivering benefits. It uniquely reorganizes the existing supply-driven health benefits system built around what plans and providers do, toward an employer-driven system built around what your members need. This provides a consistent, improved member experience and at the same time makes all of your benefit programs relevant, efficient & effective – resulting in better outcomes at lower costs.

What sets us apart?

Business Alignment

Business Alignment

U.S. companies have embraced their responsibility to create employee benefits that empower employees to lead healthy, productive lives. It is hard to imagine American way of life without this incredible commitment on the part of these companies.

Sprite Health partners with such companies and provides innovative technology and services to reduce costs and help them make a difference in their employees’ and families’ lives. 

Our business model is completely aligned with the business objectives of our customers. There is no disruption in their existing setup, no upfront payments to get started and our compensation is aligned to achieving cost savings and better outcomes.  

Our Technology

MLin health benefits

Our technology platform empowers companies to take full control of their benefits and maximize the impact of their budget. 

The platform integrates all benefits in one place and provides the line of sight to benefit leaders to see what’s working and fix what’s not. With our ‘command and control’ center, they can design benefits that work for their employees, create processes that produce better cost and quality outcomes, swap in and out any benefit program, execute and manage ‘pay for value’ contracts with providers, and measure the effectiveness of each program.

For proactive cost management, the system provides real-time visibility into how actuals are lining up against the forecast and budgeted amount and flag specific areas that should be addressed to keep the projected expenses under budget.

The system constantly analyzes the specific needs and concerns of your employee population and proactively identifies opportunities for improvement. It facilitates better coordination across benefit providers, and eliminates overuse, underuse, and misuse of health benefits.

Cost & Quality Optimized Pathways

Care Pathways

It’s not about quantity but ensuring that the quality of the health benefits are targeting and meeting the actual pain points of the workforce.

Most point solutions like pregnancy, diabetes and weight loss etc. that tackle specific problems don’t get used much and hence are not able to deliver true results.

This is because every employee have different goals and different needs and they will value their benefits only if it meets their needs at a specific point in time. The benefits have to come together to solve the issues faced by employees that are ruling their lives at the time. However, providers often don’t have any incentives to collaborate to fit the unique needs of each employee.

Sprite health solves this problem by integrating the best features from each program in your benefits’ ecosystem and creates unique, personalized care journey for every employee – regardless of their health status, eligibility for benefits, choice of health plan, or work location.

The personalized care journey is comprised of high-value services delivered by high-value providers or programs, across the continuum of care to deliver better health outcomes. This makes sure that each person’s unique needs are met with the lowest cost, highest quality and best experience possible.



Reducing costs, improving outcomes does not mean you have to compromise. You don’t need to narrow your network or switch from our existing network plans to new plans.

Sprite health is vendor-agnostic. Our solution works on top of your existing benefit plans and programs – does not require you to change your preferred networks, programs or plan designs. As an open platform, Sprite health connects to the most frequently contracted health plans and networks, benefit programs, and more.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

Sprite health platform

Sprite health platform

Our comprehensive health benefits solution integrates disparate programs into a single platform, personalizes them to fit the needs of every employee and engages employees to make better health decisions. The platform helps employers to understand their employees’ needs, measure and optimize their benefit programs and pay for value. Using our unique, proactive and accountable approach to managing health benefits, organizations are able to reduce costs, improve outcomes and increase benefits satisfaction. Learn more.

Solutions for every role, across the enterprise and beyond

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Sprite health platform is specifically designed to meet the different needs of various stakeholders across the entire company and beyond. So no matter what role you play in the health benefits lifecycle, with our solutions you aren’t guessing at the answer, how to do it, or what it will do – you know.

See for yourself

Sprite health demo
See for yourself how our simplified, easy-to-use interface dramatically elevate the experience you are able to provide your employees, improve health outcomes, and transform the way your benefits team manage and optimize benefits throughout the year.