Our therapy services provide an affordable and more convenient way to prevent and treat pain. It’s a different way to get therapy: instead of scheduling in-person visits to therapists’ clinics, the therapist comes to you—via video chat, messaging, and phone calls. There’s no waiting room, no hassles, and you’ll save time and money. You get treatment from licensed physical therapists and behavioral health coaches who guide you every step of the way with exercises, education, and more.

Quick access to assessment and early management advice from MSK specialists


For daily aches and pains

When something urgent comes up, you can message or talk to the MSK specialist in as little as 15 minutes through your account or the Sprite Health app.

This messaging and telephone-based service provides quick access to assessment and early management advice from MSK specialists, who communicate with you about your symptoms and advise you on the best management for your condition.

Therapy on-demand

For short-term injury episodes

When you’re limited by travel, injury, or a weakened immune system, we bring virtual therapy services to you so you can heal, build strength and get back to the things you love.

Your dedicated physical therapist performs a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose your injury, manages symptoms, and helps you get better quickly. The live video visits are combined with clear demonstrations of the exercises that should be completed at home, as well as educational support – right in your app. Questions? message your therapist or concierge anytime in between your scheduled sessions.

With more access, more touch points, and more convenience – you can safely perform your physical therapy at home with oversight by your therapist.

Virtual physical therapy for short-term injury episodes

Our therapists diagnose and treat nearly all MSK conditions

Our virtual physical therapy can help you with many of the things you’d see an in-person physical therapist for, just over the phone or through video chat. Virtual providers—Physical Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, and Behavioral health coaches —can treat many things ranging from back, neck, shoulder and other types of joint and muscle pains, and they can also refer you to in-person care as needed.

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Provide your people an affordable and more convenient way to prevent and treat pain