In a study with over 10 million plan members, Truven Health Analytics ranked musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions as the top cost driver for self-funded employers. The study found that MSK spend outpaced spend for cancer, cardiovascular disease, women’s health and reproductive care, or type 2 diabetes.

Employers’ MSK spend is so high because MSK care is often highly medicalized and interventional using excessive diagnostics, treatments without clear evidence and with high cost and little outcome data.

40% of patients are misdiagnosed and 50% of patients are back in the system within 12 months of treatment.

To solve this ever escalating cost, progressive employers are deploying a collection of disconnected point solutions – ranging from wellness, Virtual PT, chronic back pain, second opinion, centers of excellence (COEs), and more.  However, this mishmash of fragmented musculoskeletal care delivery programs are not integrated, aligned or accountable to deliver better outcomes at lower costs.  The Problem

Sprite health is created to solve this problem.
Our solution combines technology, clinical care, and human touch to provide the most effective musculoskeletal benefits for employers and their people. The digital MSK HUB uniquely covers the full continuum of MSK care, to provide the most complete solution. 
Our virtual physical therapy provides on-demand MSK care, that is integrated into the fabric of their already digitized lives. The MSK triage service is transforming musculoskeletal care by identifying employees with MSK issues, guiding them to the highest quality care and engaging them throughout the care journey.
We uniquely integrate financing and delivery of musculoskeletal care, that eliminates waste by guiding people to high-quality MSK treatment options through benefit design incentives. This technology-driven approach to improve health outcomes at lower costs allows us to take risk and align our compensation to cost savings and better outcomes.

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