David Lupinsky | SVP “A litmus test I employ for any new product is asking the question “would I want this for a friend or relative?”  With the Sprite Health software we actually saw team members using it with friends and relatives. Unlike many vendors that blast their generic solution throughout the market in hopes of a match, Sprite worked to first fully understand our unique challenges. They then were able to craft custom solutions to meet our industry specific needs and bring true value to our program. They are always innovating and I would recommend them as a great partner for anyone, but especially to those that are looking to trump the status quo.”
Sprite Health is a healthcare technology company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to help make high-quality healthcare and social supports personalized, affordable, and accessible for everyone. We do this by creating innovative technology solutions and services for healthcare payers and providers to help them deliver whole-person care at scale and improve their outcomes.

Our values

Our unique backgrounds shape our individual values, attitudes, and perceptions. What unites us across these differences are our company values:

Innovate: Redefine what is possible

Integrity: Do the right thing, with a spirit of excellence

Agility: Constant learning to deliver today and transform tomorrow

Diversity: Celebrate our differences


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