U.S. companies have embraced their responsibility to create employee benefits that empower employees to lead healthy, productive lives. It is hard to imagine American way of life without this incredible commitment on the part of these companies. Sprite Health partners with such companies and provides innovative technology and services to help them make a difference in their employees’ and families’ lives.


Companies are constantly working towards providing their employees a health benefits ecosystem that not only has affordable premiums but also delivers high quality, efficient care, in order to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

This has been difficult to achieve because of two reasons-

Lack of Engagement
About half of healthcare tools and solutions go unused.  The staggering low utilization is due to lack of employee engagement.  Health benefits are complex, fragmented and disconnected.  The plans and programs offered by companies are not communicated at the time of need, lack personalization and do not integrate with one another – leading to frustration, inefficiency, and poor utilization by employees, as well as redundant costs for companies. 

Lack of Accountability

Health benefits have seen a cost increase of 63% in the last five years. The major contributors to this unabated trend is lack of accountability and misaligned business model of procuring care. The benefits included in health plans are delivered by providers in networks created by carriers (or ASO). Historically, the relationships between carriers and providers have often been adversarial, with perceived winners and losers in contracting arrangements. These contracts are mostly designed around discounts, and not on quality, or outcomes. The lack of accountability has resulted in escalating costs, wasteful spending, significant quality gaps and poor satisfaction ratings.

After decades of applying the usual levers to improve employees’ health and contain rising healthcare costs, it is time for your solution.It is time for you to have your modern platform that brings all the pieces together, gives you the control to reconfigure the benefit ecosystem and transform the payment model anytime during the year. A platform that puts you in charge to execute your strategy, and visualize it in real-time.

Our Approach

Sprite health is reinventing the way health benefits are delivered by making them proactive, engaging and accountable. Our purpose-built platform, powered by our technology, proprietary processes and integrated services, provides the complete infrastructure to companies to achieve triple aim of improving health and experience while reducing costs. By partnering with Sprite health, companies get the flexibility to reconfigure their benefit ecosystem to address specific cost drivers, provide the best experience and healthcare possible for their employees, and align provider payments to outcomes.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Technology


    Comprehensive health benefits platform that streamlines the entire benefit life-cycle including benefit design, engagement, delivery and financials. Advanced analytics provide clarity into what’s working and flexibility to change what’s not.

  • Network

    Integrated Services

    Live concierge care to address employees’ unmet needs, personalized support to engage them with their individualized plan of care, and answer questions about benefits coverage, claims, treatment options and more.

  • Accountability

    Accountable Network

    We connect you to high quality providers who support new care models and financial arrangements that reward improved outcomes and not just activities. Supported models include risk-sharing, subscription, bundled, capitated or hybrid.

  • Integrations


    Out-of-the-box pre-built data, technology and process integrations with various benefit systems and programs in your ecosystem to deliver a seamless, intuitive & coordinated experience to your employees.

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