We partner with organizations across the United States to provide their people better, more convenient care for musculoskeletal (MSK) pain, and reduce their spend on musculoskeletal conditions. MSK conditions include problems with the muscles, joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, and associated pain. In United States, MSK conditions affect 1 in 2 employees every year and cost 15% -20% of annual health spend for most employers.

What we do

As a specialist in musculoskeletal (MSK) care management, we provide a comprehensive, turnkey pain management solution that provides on-demand virtual care & services at every stage of member’s journey – from acute, chronic pain to pre/post operative rehabilitation. One place to go, one app for all musculoskeletal care, end-to-end.
In addition to clinical care, we uniquely provide cost-containment analytical tools and services that reduce MSK spend by over 30% by eliminating waste, addressing inappropriate utilization and price variability, value-based payments and smart benefit designs to guide people to high quality treatment options.

Our philosophy

At Sprite Health, we put the members at the heart of what we do. Whether we are providing them care or guiding them on a clinical pathway, we always think about how we can help them get the right care they deserve – even when our clinical services are not a match.
Our mission is to set a new standard of care for musculoskeletal pain and make it more effective, convenient and affordable. And we are taking a platform approach to build the future of MSK health, by developing innovative technology-driven, evidence-based solutions that drive best outcomes for our members.

Let’s work together

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