Reducing healthcare costs and improving outcomes is really hard. Companies have been struggling to do that for a long time, but the cost continues to climb – $10,000 per person in 2018 for the company and $4,000 for the employee.  Similarly, the company’s health spending has grown from 6 percent of total wages in 1988 to more than 12 percent in 2018. Despite the high costs, the health outcomes are not improving. 
The Problem
While the interests of companies and employees are aligned, the complex and fragmented supply chain used for delivering health benefits is not aligned or accountable to deliver better outcomes at lower costs. Sprite health is created to solve this problem.
Unlike traditional cookie-cutter plans which are designed by carriers to suit ‘their’ needs, our high-value health plan is customized around specific needs of people (and their organization). It uses a learning approach to identify top conditions and measure value of each treatment for the identified conditions. By aligning member copays to ‘expected’ value of treatment, it steers members to high-value services. It also aligns provider payments to ‘delivered’ value per condition/treatment, and hence makes the entire system more efficient.
Shared Success
We improve health outcomes with our proactive, collaborative and continuous care coordination approach that creates a personalized care journey for each member to address their specific needs. We reduce costs by optimizing members’ care utilization and eliminating waste in care delivery.  
This technology-driven approach to improve health outcomes at lower costs allows us to take risk and align our compensation to cost savings and better outcomes.

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