The traditional methods of treating chronic pain are fragmented, uncoordinated and expensive. Pain killers and opioids carry a high risk of misuse. Outpatient physical therapy has very low adherence (30%) rates and surgery for chronic MSK pain is often unnecessary, and ineffective for most people.

Based on evidence-based guidelines, Sprite Health’s digital pain management program blends physical therapy, behavioral support and education – to manage discomfort, improve function, and boost overall health and wellbeing of your people suffering from chronic joint and back pain.

Personalized Physical Therapy

Led by licensed physical therapists, the exercise therapy strengthens muscles and joints and helps you to move and perform daily activities in ways that don’t aggravate old injuries or put them at risk of new ones.

Typical treatment involves gradual exercise, building up overall activity and relaxation techniques, to manage pain and improve function.

The exercises are tailored and adapted for each individual based on pain level, lifestyle factors, adherence, progress and feedback.

Behavioral Health Support

Behavioral health support helps you cope with the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that accompany chronic pain.

The coaches provide necessary support and motivation to help you identify your goals, overcome engagement/behavioral/social barriers, reduce avoidant behaviors and build healthy habits.

They regularly monitor your progress and facilitate communication within the extended team, teach you the difference between a flare-up and setback and how best to manage them both.


Our pain education curriculum focuses on improving your understanding of pain and provides you with a range of skills and tools you can use to manage your chronic pain over time – including pacing activities, exercise, sleep management, positive thinking, goal setting and relaxation techniques.

You’ll feel empowered to take charge with better understanding of pain diagnosis, treatment options, pain side effects, and ways of preventing further health deterioration.

Proven, Effective, Multi-modal Digital Program

Chronic pain is a complex condition driven by a number of biological, behavioral, and social factors. As a result, treatment plans developed by Sprite Health’s MSK clinicians are evidence-based, multimodal and designed to address as many of these factors as possible. In addition to treating the pain sensation itself, our program aims to educate members and provides them with the confidence and tools required to better manage their chronic pain.

The personalized approach to care results in meaningful engagement and superior health outcomes – including reduction in pain and anxiety, with improved function and strength.


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