Trusted provider relationships are critical to making value-based care successful. Today, your provider partners lack the tools to deliver value-based care effectively. With Sprite’s provider enablement solution, you can arm your providers with tools to achieve their value-based payment goals and help them preserve the autonomy of their practice.

Our interoperability hub unifies patient data from disparate IT systems and makes it simple for everyone to understand the story the patient’s data tells them. Sprite digitizes value-based contracts and connects clinical performance and financial impact to boost collaboration, coordination, and transparency. Share actionable insights to help your partners improve decision-making and reduce duplicative services, utilization, and costs.

Design highly efficient provider partnerships for your value-based-care initiatives

Improve outcomes with efficient provider partnerships

  • Leverage clinical communication platform for coordinating across interdisciplinary care teams
  • Provide actionable insights with intuitive dashboards to improve clinical decision support at the point of care
  • Provide transparency into contract performance to help partners make the mid-course correction and manage risk
  • Provide tools that support integration with community-based services, clinical coordination, and care administration

Eliminate wasteful spending

  • Automate administrative tasks like prior authorization, eligibility verification, reporting, and billing
  • Active patient steerage to the right sites of care
  • Create dynamic benefit designs around conditions, episodes, health equity, and more
  • Guide members to the proper care with in-the-moment and point-of-care incentives
Reduce barriers to high-value care

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