Cost, treatment variability and over-utilization are major drivers in ever increasing MSK spend for employers and health plans. The underlying issues exist on both demand-side and supply-side.
On demand-side, there is persistent high-cost utilization in MSK. When analyzed over a two year period, about 35% of direct costs for musculoskeletal pain are concentrated among the 4%. On supply-side, highly medicalized and interventional procedures are used more often than necessary and there is massive variation in cost and quality between providers.
Sprite health leverages predictive analytics, clinical expertise and plan administration capabilities to manage variation in care, reduce costs for health plans and minimize unnecessary surgery and member discomfort.

Reducing Costs by Removing Waste

Sprite health analytical tools identify waste in your MSK spend and provide various models for cost-saving opportunities, including –

  • Managing variation to the 90th percentile. This could save self-funded employers $1,500 per knee and hip replacement case.
  • Using MSK triage to appropriately referring patients with back pain to non-surgical treatment, e.g. physical therapy, chiropractic care (avoiding unnecessary surgery). This approach can generate an estimated $14,000 in savings per case.
  • Incentivizing  members to choose an outpatient setting over hospital for knee arthroplasty.  This can save an average $21,000 per case.

Risk Stratification and Segmentation

Our risk stratification tools understand the clinical and financial risk in the member population by leveraging multiple data feeds, and multiple risk and utilization indicators.

By assigning a risk status to members with MSK conditions, and segmenting them into distinct groups of similar complexity and care needs, we identify the  targeted interventions that maintain good care and help avoid their cost increase.

Over-utilization is avoided by eliminating unnecessary prescribing of services in low-risk members; concordantly, a valuable investment is being made for long-term gain in a more complex, high- risk population. It is the difference between optimizing utilization versus merely controlling it.

Population Musculoskeletal Health Management

PersonalizedEach member interaction with the healthcare system generates data. From these snapshots we are able to see the bigger picture of their healthcare journey. Each snapshot is also an opportunity to intercept the member in real time when guidance is essential to improving the member’s outcome.

Population Musculoskeletal Health Management is a comprehensive care management program with smart triage to guide employees to appropriate and timely treatment – from self-care to tele or in-person visits – with follow-up support for progress and adherence.

This systematic approach takes a data-driven view to prioritize interventions that improves outcomes for priority populations, and develops digital-first strategies to enable seamless end-to-end care journeys.

Smart Benefit Design

Get maximum flexibility in experimenting with benefit designs to align member and provider incentives.

The cost-sharing requirements imposed in most plans often do not reflect the true value of different treatment options. Our smart plan design aligns employee’s out-of-pocket costs with the value of the health services.

This approach improves utilization of high-value services and discourages the use of inappropriate, intensive surgical options.

Value-based payments

musculoskeletal (msk) value-based paymentsWe use cost and quality metrics to facilitate the identification of high-performing providers and facilities.

Our tiered network approach optimizes performance and savings and  our network providers are reimbursed with payment models that promote high-quality and cost-effective care.

The value-based payment models reward providers for good outcomes and high quality, not medical errors, unnecessary procedures and other low-value care.

Plan administration

musculoskeletal (msk)  plan administrationSprite health brings form, discipline, and structure to plan administration processes by using easy-to-use, rapid and automated workflows for enrollment, eligibility, claim adjudication, and payments.

Our operations team is committed to delivering service excellence. Whether it is the processing of a claim or the handling of an incoming service phone call, we strive to exceed our performance standards.


MSK Financial management is component of our digital MSK HUB that uniquely covers the full continuum of MSK care, and provides your people:

  • a single point of access for all MSK conditions
  • on-demand virtual physical therapy integrated into their digitized lives
  • help and advice to pick the right treatment first time
  • an evidence-based, digital care program for chronic pain management that includes exercise therapy, behavioral support & education
  • access to high-performing providers and Centers of Excellence (COEs) for surgical care at a pre-negotiated bundled rate
  • pre/postoperative rehabilitation
  • white-glove concierge service with full care coordination

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