Sprite’s dynamic benefits solution enables payers to structure cost-sharing and other health plan design elements to encourage targeted members to use the services that can benefit them the most. With dynamic benefits, payers can promote quality and access to care by reducing cost-sharing for high-value services or offering tailored benefits for targeted groups of members. This flexibility encourages and enables the utilization of services that are clinically recognized as effective for members with specific clinical conditions.

Create personalized benefits for target subpopulations based on VBID principles

Create personalized benefits

  • Target subpopulations by defining eligibility based on chronic conditions, socioeconomic status
  • Flexible cost-sharing options to meet clinical and social needs
  • Meet members where they are with branded multi-channel messages
  • Offer incentives based on high-value care utilization and rewards for participating in care management programs

Optimize financial performance

  • See the impact of cost-sharing on projected utilization
  • Budget for incentive and reward programs
  • Manage claims adjudication, administration, and financial operations
  • Live dashboards provide visibility into how your dynamic benefit plans are impacting members every day
Improve financial performance of dynamic VBID benefits


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