Enabling a single source of truth for the member has become an essential prerequisite in the value-based world. Sprite’s interoperability hub collects, organizes, and unifies your member data into one place. It integrates data from disparate systems including claims, EHRs, HIE, and community SDoH resources, and enables your teams to have the information they need to provide better care. Built on modern architecture, the FHIR-enabled data platform provides real-time access to an accurate, reliable, and 360-degree view of your members.

Get a single source of truth for the member

Integrate, visualize, and exchange disparate data

  • View longitudinal member records with information from clinical, behavioral, and social data sources
  • Quality checks to fix missing, and non-standard values
  • Normalization, and transformation to generate clean and accurate data
  • Identity resolution using deterministic and probabilistic logic
  • Capture consent to provide members complete control, while sharing data with all stakeholders

Increase performance with accurate, longitudinal data

  • Understand members’ needs, spot trends and patterns, unlock insights to power the next best actions
  • Create member segments that enable more personalized care delivery
  • Enforce data governance and privacy agreements over what information is shared and with whom
  • Bi-directional secure data exchange with health, human, and social service provider systems
  • Build more meaningful member experiences in real time
Make good member data available to all stakeholders

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