Pre/Postoperative rehab is important for helping patients to regain physical function following surgery. However, many patients do not receive quality rehabilitation therapy, for reasons that include cost, distance, availability, and poor adherence to assignments. Most rehab at home is guided by papers with stick figures of the exercises with limited description – that are often lost. This stale experience and lack of timely feedback between patient and therapist lowers patient engagement, and adherence, and can negatively impact recovery time, health outcomes, and overall cost of care.

Sprite Health’s digital care for pre- & post-surgical rehabilitation brings exercises, guidance, measurement, and monitoring into the safety of your home – to coach and motivate you through recovery from musculoskeletal surgeries.


Convenient digital musculoskeletal MSK solutionUnlike traditional, in-person appointments that are difficult to fit into a normal workday schedule – our virtual care rehab model is designed to fit your life. The program provides virtual video sessions with a licensed physical therapist, who prescribes home exercises in an engaging mobile app.

Your mobile app educates, demonstrates, measures, analyzes, and records your movements at home, all without the need for any sensors or monitoring devices.

You are able to conveniently perform your physical therapy at home with support from your care team – who guides you every step of the way.


Personalized digital musculoskeletal rehab solution

Your care team collaborates with you to establish your goals and designs a care plan tailored specifically to your needs and abilities, and work.

Therapy is often divided into distinct phases. In postoperative rehab, the first phase comes immediately after surgery when the body part may be immobilized while pain and swelling subside. Then comes a series of progressively challenging exercises to restore range of motion, stability, and strength. The final goal is to return you to a pre-injury activity level.

The app records your range of motion which is key to better clinical outcomes. This data is shared in real-time with your care team, who collaborates with you and adjusts the care plan as needed – to ensure you are continuing to meet your rehabilitation goals.


Digital MSK - patient engagement

Our rich-engaging application provides you with guided instructions for your prescribed exercises and education. If you are off balance or moving incorrectly, the app provides feedback and encouragement in real-time.

You are connected to your care team any time, anywhere with secure messaging in-between your scheduled sessions. Being able to get timely and accurate feedback from a rehab professional significantly improves your chances of a quick and safe recovery.

Further, your care team is able to have eyes on your exercise adherence throughout your journey, which helps them to make sure that you are doing your exercises on schedule and correctly to plan.

Proven, Effective, Outcomes-driven

The program empowers you and your care team to collaborate and communicate regularly. Our physical therapists give you positive feedback, ask you for feedback about your treatment, regularly monitor your exercise performance, and frequently motivate you to do your home exercises. This leads to a higher level of adherence to rehab therapy.

Digital MSK solution - proven outcomes

Relative to traditional clinic-based PT, our virtual rehab with skilled clinical oversight significantly lowers three-month health-care costs after musculoskeletal procedures while providing similar effectiveness. The median costs are about 50% less than in-person therapy, with better functional outcomes.

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Digital care program for enhanced recovery after surgery