U.S. surgical rates compared with other similar countries suggests that 50% of all orthopedic and spinal procedures are simply unnecessary. Recent research has found that the musculoskeletal care most people receive is inefficient, 40% of patients are misdiagnosed and 50% of patients are back in the system within 12 months of treatment.

Where you start in the episode of care affects your outcome.  People with musculoskeletal issues want clear, consistent and personalized information on prognosis, treatment options and self-management strategies. Sprite health’s MSK triage service combines machine intelligence with clinical judgement, to ensure that people with MSK problems are directed to the right treatment in the right place at the right time. Built on a prognostic stratified model of care – it facilitates precision diagnosis and risk segmentation, and recommends evidence-based clinical options with clear explanation of costs to empower your people make better care decisions.

Precision Diagnosis

Our digital assessment tool allows members to access support for their condition 24/7.

The digital assistant asks smart questions about you and your symptoms and based on your responses identify red flags, and signpost you to the most appropriate level of care, including urgent care for those presenting with ‘red flag’ symptoms; face-to-face care for those not suited for self-management; and other tools for those presenting with low-grade injuries.

All AI-driven assessments are reviewed by MSK health professionals to ensure the necessary information is available for identification of the source of  pain. 

Fast track to appropriate treatment

Once a diagnosis is reached, the MSK healthcare professionals provide key information and advice to help members with their problem, arrange the most appropriate treatment plan and refer them to evidence-based care in- app or in-person.

This can include physical therapy, chiropractor, podiatry, advice or exercises, an injection, referral for surgery etc.

Clear explanation of costs for different treatment options

Members are presented with a range of suitable treatments and options for their care and they are involved in their treatment decisions.

Costs are clear in advance and treatment options are easy to compare, with an experience designed to help them make good decisions.

Flexible cost-sharing

Sprite health provides plan sponsors unprecedented flexibility to pick and choose from multiple value based cost-sharing options that work best for them and their people.

Our smart copay option aligns copays with value that improves utilization of high-value services and discourages the use of inappropriate, intensive surgical options.


MSK triage is a component of our digital MSK HUB that uniquely covers the full continuum of MSK care, and provides your people:

  • a single point of access for all MSK conditions
  • on-demand virtual physical therapy integrated into their digitized lives
  • help and advice to pick the right treatment first time
  • an evidence-based, digital care program for chronic pain management that includes exercise therapy, behavioral support & education
  • access to high-performing providers and Centers of Excellence (COEs) for surgical care at a pre-negotiated bundled rate
  • pre/postoperative rehabilitation
  • white-glove concierge service with full care coordination

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