Proactively manage the health of your patient sub-populations

With population health management, you get instant visibility into the health status and social needs of your patient population. This solution integrates clinical, claims, and SDoH data and provides you comprehensive insights to engage with the right patients at the right time – to reduce unnecessary costs and improve outcomes. The advanced analytics and workflows identify high-priority action items and preventive care opportunities and provide tools for targeted interventions. Now you can accelerate your value-based care transformation, generate additional revenue and quality bonus, and improve your staff and patient satisfaction.

Right data at the right time

  • Leverage cohort designer to create patient segments based on similar needs
  • Measure population risk using predictive models, and assessments. Trend risk scores over time
  • Instantly prioritize patients based on real-time intelligence
  • Get a holistic patient view using unified clinical, and financial data
  • Close gaps at the point of care to drive efficiency and improve outcomes
  • Qualify, enroll, and actively manage patients in care management and care transition programs

Thrive in value-based care

  • Maximize value-based arrangements with guided referrals to the most appropriate in-network providers
  • Track and act on payer-specific quality performance measures
  • View performance against contracts and clinical metrics
  • Monitor the effectiveness of clinical interventions
  • Improve HCC coding, RAF scores, and risk adjustment
  • Reduce administrative burdens through automated workflows


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Make data-driven decisions to improve the health of the population you serve