Personalized guidance across every step of the care journey

With digital patient engagement, you can offer step-by-step communication, guidance, and support to patients – every step of the way. Connect with patients in their preferred channel (text, video, email), support them in their language, provide education and adherence support, and collect their feedback and health metrics via remote monitoring. Our patient engagement software delivers an incredibly convenient and efficient experience with features that scale with your organization and save you hours every day.

Meet your patients where they are

  • Leverage two-way texting for bidirectional, multilingual communication with patients via SMS and encrypted links
  • Automate patient intake with forms, surveys, and files sent and completed through text
  • Track health metrics and self-reported data using remote monitoring
  • Perform video visits to provide easy telehealth access to patients
  • Online portal enables patients to schedule appointments, view their health records and communicate with your team
  • Provide personalized education to strengthen health literacy, encourage compliance, and promote shared decision-making

Automate patient-centered care journeys

  • Deliver the right message to patients at the right time
  • Use pre-configured automated workflows or build your workflows to optimize care journeys end-to-end
  • Integrate with existing EHR and care management systems
  • Provide a branded patient portal to patients with web, iOS, and Android apps
  • Collaborate with your team members and community-based providers using two-way messaging.


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Help your patients become more involved in their care, and enable your team to deliver more personalized and effective care