People who experience musculoskeletal pain often face an antiquated, fragmented and highly interventional system. Whether it’s a minor injury, chronic pain, or surgery – people routinely experience complexity and multiple handoffs across different providers. Without any health advocate on their side, they have to figure things out on their own.
In this highly fragmented and confusing environment, we provide a single point of access to musculoskeletal care for your people at every stage of their journey.


Complete digital platform for pain management – from prevention to post-surgical rehab. One place to go, one app for all MSK care.

Integrates w/ medical network

Works collaboratively with other benefits in your ecosystem to direct members to high-quality in-network programs and providers.


Measurable financial & clinical outcomes with real-world results. Proven reduction in health spend as well as chronic pain, opioids, and surgeries.


No hardware, no sensors. A modern engaging experience built on personalization, interactivity and convenience.

Virtual Physical Therapy

For daily aches, pains and short-term injuries.

With Sprite Health’s virtual physical therapy, the licensed physical therapist comes to you – via video chat, messaging, and phone calls. This is therapy that fits your schedule and life. You get treatment from a Doctor of Physical Therapy who understands your condition, designs a personalized treatment plan and guides you every step of the way with exercises, education, and more – right in your app.

Chronic Pain Management

Digital care program for chronic, recurring back and joint pain.

The 12-weeks digital program blends personalized physical therapy, behavioral health support and education. Your care team (physical therapist and behavioral coach) helps you with goal setting, and guides you every step of the way with support, adjustments, education, motivation and positive reinforcement.

Pre/Post-surgery Rehab

Virtual Rehabilitation

Digital care program for enhanced recovery after surgery.

The rehab service guides you through your recovery after a surgical event. Delivered over 5-10 weeks (based on type of surgery), your treatment is led by a dedicated physical therapist. The therapist works collaboratively with you to establish your functional goals and design an exercise program tailored specific to your needs and abilities.

Assessment & Referral

An assessment service that combines machine intelligence with clinical judgement.

This ensures that people with musculoskeletal problems are directed to the right treatment in the right place at the right time, and stay engaged throughout the care journey. Our care team is also trained in your medical plan, allowing them to check your covered benefits to show you in-network options that make financial sense.

MSK Financial Management

Achieve 30% savings in MSK spend by eliminating waste, inefficiencies and excess costs.

An enterprise solution that leverages predictive analytics, risk stratification, quality management, smart benefit designs and value-based payments to address the increasing inappropriate utilization & price variability in musculoskeletal care.

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