COVID-19 has become a major disruptor for businesses all over the country. Within the workers’ compensation domain, there is a significant increase in the number of new ergonomic claims as people adjust from working in an office to working from their bed or couch and sitting for prolonged periods.

On the care delivery side – non-essential surgeries, physical therapy sessions and scheduled doctor visits have significantly slowed down. The potential problems caused by the delayed treatment/advice available to workers include:

  • Increased recovery time
  • Reduced ability to work successfully or at all
  • Increased health anxieties and reduced self-efficacy

Supporting your employees working from home

Several employers and insurers are now using  Telerehab solutions to mitigate the effects of delayed treatment. These programs are as effective as in-person physical therapy visits and they can offer injured workers more flexibility for when and where they receive treatments.

Obviously, not all workers comp injuries are appropriate for Tele-rehab. The sprains and strains of the upper extremities, abrasions, dermatitis etc. can be seen over telemedicine.

Even the approach to treatment via Telerehab is different from the  standard face-to-face visits. The goal of tele-rehab is to improve function and independence through guided exercises. The therapist, in most cases, is able to complete a thorough evaluation and teach the injured employee how to perform needed exercises. After the visit, the therapist uploads all of their exercises, instructions, videos into the member portal. So at any point after the visit, if they can’t remember specifically how certain exercises are supposed to be performed, they can just get into their portal and all that information is available to them.

Sprite health telerehab service puts your injured workers in touch with a physical therapist whenever they need advice. It offers rapid advice to support your workers to keep on top of minor issues as soon as they crop up, helping them avoid bigger problems further down the line.