We know that good care isn’t just about signing up for your health plan. It’s about making sure you have access to care, delivered where you are. It is about helping you to get healthy and stay healthy.  At Sprite health, we have designed a new kind of health experience that’s easy, supportive, and personalized for you.

Simplified experience

Simplified experience (1)Starting with open enrollment, the system provides you a simplified benefit shopping experience to better understand how your plans and programs work; understand what your choices are, and what questions to ask to make the right choice for your family.

When you are ready to use your benefits, the upfront and clear costs for each service & treatment makes it simple for you to compare choices and make good decisions.

Whether you want to check your insurance coverage, doctor appointments, medical history, claims, reward points – it’s all there. One place to go, and one number to call if you need help.


Right Plan_Based on NeedBecause there is only ONE you, we customize the benefits to your specific needs. Becoming a Sprite health member is a process of working together to make sure you’re getting everything you need from your health benefits.

Whether it is wellness, diabetes, maternity, or back pain – we will bring all relevant services and benefits together for you in a cohesive, valuable and delightful experience.


health_care_supportConfused about how these benefits work for your specific situation? No more. We look to understand your strengths and the challenges you face, then we build an expert team to provide you with a better care that’s tailored specifically for you.

You don’t have to figure out things on your own – your concierge team collaborates with you and helps you stay on track by delivering easily digestible, interactive, daily health checklists. The checklists include personalized guidance on diet, exercise, medication reminders, and education.

Always there

always there

Call us, email us, text us, or do a video visit any time using our app. Need an after-hours appointment? Have questions on benefits, claims? No problem. You’ll never be alone when exploring treatment options or navigating our complex healthcare system because we are here for you.

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Benefits designed for you, delivered where you are