Sprite health integrates your benefit offerings into a single platform so that employees have easy access to all of their health benefits in one place. This convenient and comprehensive view dramatically elevate the health benefits experience for employees, increase engagement and utilization.

Smarter, more connected healthcare experience

Starting with open enrollment, the system provides employees a simplified benefit shopping experience to better understand how their plans and programs work; understand what their choices are, the key differences and what questions to ask to make the right choice for their family.

member_portalPost enrollment, members have one place to got for all healthcare –  benefits, claims, health data for an integrated, intuitive health insurance experience.

Whether they want to check their insurance coverage, HSA balance, claims, reward points – its all there. One place to go, and one number to call if they need help.

Personalized Care Pathways

Member Care PlanBy using data (health status, eligibility, conditions, work location, plans etc.) unique to each employee, the system helps determine the right services and benefits and creates personalized care pathways. The care pathway maps the expected route of care for the member, with explicit timelines and interventions specified in chronological order.

Members are kept on track by delivering easily digestible, interactive, daily health checklists. The checklists include personalized guidance on diet, exercise, medication reminders, surveys, education etc.

Relevant and timely communication

member_transparency_toolsTo create lasting engagement, our system enables personalized, timely communications that proactively guide employees in their health and drive better decisions at their point of need – whether it is about choosing the right type of care, program or service such as tele-health, second opinion programs, condition management programs or wellness.

One-stop Concierge

sprite_conciergeSprite concierge team uses data-driven alerts to help members with their care, and helps employees’ make more informed and cost-effective healthcare decisions. It supports each employee’s specific needs end-to-end, whether for benefits coverage, translating complicated claims, reviewing bill accuracy, exploring treatment options or navigating the healthcare system.

By addressing employee’s health needs from a holistic standpoint, we help avoid unnecessary medical costs, enhance engagement and alleviate the stress and burden on your benefits team.

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