At Sprite health, we have designed a new kind of connected experience that’s easy, supportive, and personalized for you. This means a single point of access for all MSK (related to muscles, bones and joints) conditions, quick access to MSK specialists, help and advice to pick the right treatment, faster recovery and a coordinated journey through our complex healthcare system.

Simplified, personalized experience

Sprite health virtual PT member viewWhether it’s a minor injury, chronic pain, surgery or rehab – everything you need is in one place. One place to go, and one app for all musculoskeletal care. Heal faster with quick access to diagnosis and early management advice from MSK specialists using a phone or a video call; get a tailored plan specifically designed for you that includes at-home exercises, education, advice, and direction towards self management.

Message or video-chat with your dedicated PT anytime during the course of your treatment. Get support from behavioral health coaches for continuous motivation and positive reinforcement.

Connected care

Connected MSK careUnlike traditional care that is built around in-person sessions – we provide a continuous, connected experience that includes video visits, asynchronous messaging, app-guided exercises, remote monitoring to help you heal, build strength and get back to the things you love.

You don’t need to go to a clinic just to ask a simple question or pay to have someone watch you exercise. We bring the connected experience that allows you to stay in close contact with your therapist throughout care.


Confused about what treatments work for your specific situation? No more.

We look to understand your strengths and the challenges you face, then we build an expert team of MSK specialists to provide you the help and advice to pick the right treatment that’s best for you.

You don’t have to figure out things on your own – your concierge team collaborates with you and your providers and guides you through a high-value, collaborative journey.

Always there

always there

Call us, email us, text us, or do a video visit any time using our app.

Need an after-hours appointment? Have questions? No problem.

You’ll never be alone when exploring treatment options or navigating our complex healthcare system because we are here for you.

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