With employees spending more time at home, imagine if you could offer a digital MSK solution to them that provides an affordable and convenient way to prevent and treat pain.

A solution that ensures that your people with musculoskeletal problems are directed to the right treatment at the right time. A solution where they can get the care they need from the safety of their home. A solution that focuses on better outcomes and surgery avoidance, where our concierge takes them through a journey – combining white glove service with the gold standard of MSK care.

One stop solution for all MSK conditions

To meet the complex needs of employees with MSK conditions, employers have been struggling to find and integrate disparate services such as virtual PT, digital program for chronic back pain, second opinion, COE bundled surgery etc. This has been a frustrating experience for employers and confusing for their people. Our digital MSK HUB uniquely covers the full continuum of MSK care, to provide employers the most complete solution, and to their people a consistent experience to simplify their MSK care journeys.

Personalized care, guidance and support

Personalized care, guidance and support

Our collaborative approach — in conjunction with virtual care visits — allows for quick access to the right care at the right time.

With our digital MSK triage service, your people are seen earlier, treated efficiently, and referred appropriately – avoiding unnecessary treatments.

Our virtual physical therapy services provide an affordable and more convenient way to prevent and treat pain. Members have access to virtual therapy from the safety of their home and get treatment from licensed physical therapists & behavior health coaches who guide them every step of the way with exercises, education, and more.

New Operating System for MSK

Technology-driven Plan Management

We believe that a comprehensive approach to MSK financial management leads to the best possible outcomes for workers and employers.

Our integrated MSK financial management solution merges traditionally disparate data into one platform; leverages predictive analytics, clinical expertise and plan administration capabilities to manage variation in care, reduce costs for employers, minimize unnecessary surgery and member discomfort.

We apply objective outcomes measures to accurately assess treatment efficacy and vendor performance. By focusing on clinically appropriate, quality-based care, our solution drives health outcomes while lowering unnecessary and/or avoidable costs.

High-Performance Clinical Care

High-Performance network

Your people get access to high-value preventive and treatment services across multiple settings – whether it is self-care, a virtual physical therapy at home, or getting treated at a rehab center.

Our network makes it easy for members to access variety of clinical professionals across a number of service lines, including physical therapists, chiropractors, pain specialists etc.

This high-performance provider network is reimbursed with payment models that promote high-quality and cost-effective care.

Business Alignment

Business Alignment

Our business model is completely aligned with your business objectives. We work closely with your existing programs and vendors to ensure a seamless member experience. Integrations include 2nd opinion, onsite clinics, care advocacy / navigation, surgical centers of excellence and more.

There is no disruption in your existing setup, and our compensation is aligned to achieving cost savings and better outcomes for you. 

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