Sprite Health provides an easy, convenient and affordable way to prevent and treat musculoskeletal pain. We work hard to ensure that your people with musculoskeletal problems are directed to the right treatment, the first time. Our tech-enabled solutions focus on better outcomes and surgery avoidance, with integrated care concierge – combining white glove service with the gold standard of MSK care.

One connected experience across the continuum

Whether it’s a minor injury, chronic pain, surgery or rehab, our digital MSK HUB uniquely covers the full continuum of MSK care, and brings everything together into one connected experience.

The integrated system provides you the most complete solution, and to your people a consistent experience to simplify their care journeys.

Real-time visibility into spend and outcomes

Technology-driven Plan Management

Our live dashboards give you real-time visibility into enrollment, utilization, program engagement and outcomes – making it easier to understand the ROI of your musculoskeletal spend.

From helping you control waste, manage price variability to providing various models for cost-saving opportunities — we arm you with the information you (and your CFO) need.

The predictive analytics identifies costly events in future, uncovers inappropriate utilization and key cost drivers.

Turnkey implementation and communications

Turnkey implementation and communications

Sprite Health is easy to implement. We do all the heavy lifting, from on-boarding to engagement to reporting – to ensure you get the most out of our solution.

Our solution proactively identifies the members who would benefit from conservative treatments and uses web, mobile, and human outreach to maximize engagement, with proven messaging models that drive behavioral change.

Flexible benefit & incentive designs

High-Performance network

Unlike traditional plans and programs, we provide unprecedented flexibility for cost-sharing and incentive designs.

The cost-sharing models allow you to customize your contributions based on multiple factors such as cost, quality and engagement.

The system leverages benefit design incentives, and uses smart messaging and innovative user experience to guide your people to highest-quality musculoskeletal care.

Business alignment

Business Alignment

From implementation to measuring ROI, we’re at your side at every step. As your partner, we provide a dedicated account manager to you for any issues. We work closely with your existing programs and vendors to ensure a seamless member experience.

Our business model is completely aligned with your business objectives, and our compensation is aligned to achieving cost savings and better outcomes for you.

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