We’re entering an era in which health benefits have evolved from an employer benefit with virtually no decision-making or financial involvement from employees, to a cost-sharing model where employees have a real stake in the outcome. In this era, employees have started to expect personalization and suitability of offered benefits to their unique needs.
Sprite health leverages your existing plans and programs – and makes them highly personalized, engaging, goal-oriented and accountable. The platform is modular, easy to integrate and flexible to meet your specific needs.

Integrate all benefits in a single platform

Our platform integrates and organizes data from across the fragmented healthcare system, and provides a seamless, coherent, consistent experience to your people.


Finally you have a single platform where plans, programs speak the same language. With this foundation, you are able to dramatically elevate the experience you are able to provide your employees and transform the way your benefits team manage benefits.

Timely outreach to drive engagement

Employees EngagementBenefit leaders are able to create new campaigns targeting employee populations in specific work locations or with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, back pain. The campaigns can include highly personalized content, delivered via multiple channels such as email, mobile notifications, designed to guide members to right care, right provider or right benefit such as ‘Behavior Health’, ‘Second Opinion’ etc.

Engagement_OutcomesOur command & control center provides an unified interface for benefit administrators to target, deliver, and track employee engagement.  The real-time visibility into the campaign performance helps them adjust and optimize and continuously drive employee engagement.

See what’s working and Fix what’s not

target_opportunitiesThe system constantly analyzes the concerns, conditions, and needs of your employee population and proactively identify opportunities for improvement by better coordination across plans, and elimination of significant overuse, under-use and misuse of healthcare. The real-time access to this information helps benefit leaders evaluate and optimize health benefit programs in a timely fashion. They are able to proactively help employees with information and appropriate care when they need it.

Flexible Benefit Designs

The technology available today allows companies, regardless of size deliver personalized solutions to meet the needs of every employee. There has been an influx of lots of conditions, lots of programs – but also lots of levers that benefit leaders can pull to achieve desired results of improving outcomes and containing costs. Instead of one-size-fits-all approach to benefit design, our platform supports maximum flexibility in experimenting with benefit designs, for example, waiving co-pays and deductible for preventive, chronic, on-site/near-site clinics, especially under high deductible plans.

value-based insurance design

This enables you to implement new approaches such as value-based-insurance design (V-BID), reference based pricing, transparency tools, bundled pricing to align employee’s out-of-pocket costs with the value of the health services.

Direct Contracting with Providers & ACOs

direct contracting with providersAs the employer-provided health insurance model quickly evolves, it gives rise to a host of new benefits, programs and digital health applications designed to complement and supplement the primary health coverage. We enable companies to contract directly with providers & health systems, and reimburse them using payment models that reward high-quality and cost-effective care. By facilitating direct partnership with health service providers, we enable our customers to make their providers more accountable in reducing costs and improving the quality of care provided to their employees.

Sprite health supports and manages several value-based payment models like P4P, risk-adjusted primary care, severity-adjusted bundles, shared savings, or ACO contracts that reward providers for good outcomes and high quality, not medical errors, unnecessary procedures and other low value care.

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