You work hard to design the right benefit strategy for your clients. We can help your clients maximize the impact of their healthcare investments by:

  • providing a high-value health plan that offers employees a low-premium, zero-deductible alternative to traditional high-deductible plans. Built on a broad, nationwide network with hands-on support by our concierge, they now have a plan which addresses their unique needs and conditions, with no barriers like deductible and saves them 20% in wages.
  • providing technology-driven health plan administration that brings form, discipline, and structure to enrollment, eligibility, claim adjudication, payment reconciliation and more.
  • providing benefit leaders complete visibility into their employees’ needs, utilization and health spend to help them measure and optimize their benefit programs.
  • providing administration and support for direct contracts with high-quality providers, and reimburse them using payment models that reward high-quality and cost-effective care.

In a highly fragmented and confusing healthcare system, we are one phone number to call, one ID card to carry, one mobile app and website to visit and one dedicated team focused on your client and their employees.

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