Benefit leaders are constantly working towards delivering programs that support the unique needs of employees and families. Unfortunately, most employees are not able to utilize these programs to their potential. The one-size-fit-all approach taken by health programs makes them unfit to meet the unique needs of most employees. The reason behind this  is the way our current  care delivery system is structured.
In the current care delivery system, services are provided when someone gets sick, rather than proactively providing services to maintain health. The current fragmented health system may not provide enough support or information to improve system performance and personal health.

Member-Centric Care

Put simply, being member-centred is about focusing care on the needs of the member rather than the needs of the service. Most people who need health care these days aren’t happy just to sit back and let benefit staff and care providers do what they think is best.

Member-Centric CareBenefit leaders have to be flexible to meet their needs – we have to make our benefit ecosystem suit them, rather than the other way round. It means that the member is an equal partner in the planning of care and that his or her opinions are important and are respected.

Sprite health integrates the best features from each program in your benefits ecosystem and creates unique, personalized care journeys for everyone – regardless of their health status, eligibility for benefits, choice of health plan, or work location.

For example, if someone is thinking about having a baby, the system can curate, customize and integrate the best services from your maternity program, EAP, smoking cessation, wellness program and medical plan to create a personalized care pathway for her to follow through this long journey.

Care Pathways

Care PathwaySprite health assists benefit departments in establishing evidence-based care pathways for most common conditions. These pathways define predictable course targeting a specific group of members with a specific condition, in which the different tasks or interventions by the professionals involved in the member care (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, social workers etc.) are defined, optimized and sequenced. Outcomes are tied to specific interventions.

Sprite health also provides tools to check the compliance of all the interventions included in the health plan, care standards and introduce clinical audits as a part of the process. Likewise, we can identify improvement areas in these standardized care processes for continuous quality improvement (CQI).

Engage Members in their own health

Engage members in their healthSprite health provides simplified experience that reduces the amount of effort required on the part of the employee to access programs and information, and make it easy for employees to engage in their health and take advantage of the programs available to them.

We improve health outcomes with our proactive, collaborative and continuous care coordination approach that creates a personalized care journey for each member to address their specific needs.

Integrated, collaborative, virtual care

Care Pathway 2As members get engaged, our team help them navigate the healthcare system, from appointments to prescriptions to billing issues.

We pair members with our concierge teams made up of care guides and a nurse clinician from the day they join Sprite.

The team creates cost, quality-optimized, personalized care journeys for each member and provides a proactive, collaborative and continuous access to care to address their specific needs vs. the existing reactive, paternalistic and episodic system.

Sprite provides a suite of fully customizable care pathways to treat top conditions and issues faced by employee population. Our care teams keep members on track by delivering personalized programs directly to members’ web and mobile apps as a daily checklist.

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