While a thriving ecosystem of enterprise health benefits looks like a great thing, for many companies it has been a source of aggravation. Benefit leaders now face growing administrative and technical hurdles in vendor management, and employees are experiencing an uncoordinated onslaught of user interfaces, logins and communications from HR.

The challenge is to constantly sift through this increasingly complex environment.

To emulate the “Amazon” experience in health benefits, companies not only need to provide meaningful and personalized benefits, but see it done in an integrated and seamless way.

Flexibility to choose and control

Sprite health provides you the flexibility to pick and choose your favorite networks, providers and programs. Our technology foundation brings them together in one place – and make them accessible at any time, in any given place. This creates a simple, consistent, coherent experience for employees to understand and access their health benefits, wherever they are.


You should think of us as a platform that gives you the ability to choose which providers and plans you want to work with, how you want to work with them, how you want to pay them, how you want to personalize benefits to fit the needs of everyone. We are able to help you with tools and techniques to integrate everything together, and engage your people at the right time. We also provide you with the data you need to better understand where your millions of dollars are going.

This makes sure that you can put whatever programs you want to plug into this integrated foundation, that people are going to use them, and despite all the complexity of integrating different programs – they get one clear, coherence and consistent experience.

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