Where are people when they want to know about their health benefits? Short answer — everywhere. Changing workplace habits demand an evolved strategy where companies must extend their benefits into people’ everyday life – no matter where they are.
Even though many organizations have made large investments in a diverse selection of workplace health and well-being programs, yet that investment isn’t paying off with sustained engagement among their people. Educating people on new options and the pros or cons of each plan in context of their own needs is as important as the plan offering itself. 

In most organizations, benefits are communicated on an annual basis – one big thrust during open enrollment and not much happen rest of the year. Most people don’t think about their health benefits until they need to use them. No matter how rich of a benefit portfolio you develop, if your people don’t know about them at the time of their need,  or how to use them – all that effort is wasted.

Goal driven engagement

Member segmentation for engagement

Sprite health enables benefit leaders to market and communicate their benefits in a timely, personal and meaningful way to their people, and create a delightful experience. It provides real-time visibility into what’s working and what’s not, and helps you iterate and evolve your messaging and targeting on a timely basis.

By connecting your people with the appropriate programs, services or types of care at the time of their need – you can actually move the needle on employees making better health decisions.

How does it work?

Member engagement

We use performance analytics to identify the members most likely to engage at the lowest possible cost. Focusing on this population, we use behavioral health science, along with rewards and member incentives, to motivate members to actively engage with their health.

The system combines plan, demographic, and clinical data to create a personalized program for each member. By engaging the right member with the right message—and the right incentive—we motivate members to complete high-value activities.

The result? Better health outcomes. Stronger plan performance. And a valuable, trust-building experience for members.

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