The continued rise in elective surgery costs has made MSK spend one of the largest portions (15 -25%) of medical expenses for employers; often with no relation to quality or outcomes.
Sprite Health’s bundled surgery program is designed specifically to tackle high-cost surgical episodes, leveraging one integrated solution that includes member portal, concierge and care advocacy workflow, and bundled contract administration. Designed as an alternative to the plan member’s existing PPO coverage, our bundled surgery program drives significant savings, while providing exceptional member experience and simple administration. The employers can add this program as an add-on to their existing health benefits, anytime of the year.

Cost Savings and Predictability

Cost Savings and Predictability

Our program offers the high-quality care at centers of excellence (COE) facilities and ensures predictable spend with a bundled payment.

Surgical bundled case rates are built around an “episode of care,” which is defined as a period of time beginning at the member’s preoperative appointment and ending at the first postoperative appointment with the surgeon. Optionally, plan sponsors can add fixed-priced rehab therapy bundle to the surgical bundle as well.

This transparent, predictable model provides plan sponsors over 30% cost-reduction for planned musculoskeletal procedures.

Transparent Shopping Experience

Costs are clear in advance and treatment options are easy to compare.

Members get side-by-side cost and quality comparison by providers for each surgical episode to help them select lower cost, higher quality provider in their geographical area.

And yes, there are no surprise bills.

Enhanced member experience, accelerated recovery

Members have access to end-to-end concierge service and intuitive online tools, with lower out-of-pocket costs, so they can focus on recovery instead of medical bills.

We provide members with dedicated care coordinators who are with them every step of the way in their healthcare journey – whether they need education or advice about their procedure, any assistance in provider or facility selection, coordinating with their medical plan, appointment scheduling, second opinion or travel arrangements.

Improved care & outcomes

We work with providers and surgeons rated as delivering top quality in their surgical specialty. We closely monitor and curate our COE network, based on cost, quality of care and other standardized treatment practices.

This enables us to provide your people the best care when they need it the most, from top-quality surgery centers and physicians that excel in clinical performance and patient satisfaction.


MSK bundled surgery program is part of our digital MSK HUB that uniquely covers the full continuum of MSK care, and provides your people:

  • a single point of access for all MSK conditions
  • on-demand virtual physical therapy integrated into their digitized lives
  • help and advice to pick the right treatment first time
  • an evidence-based, digital care program for chronic pain management that includes exercise therapy, behavioral support & education
  • access to high-performing providers and Centers of Excellence (COEs) for surgical care at a pre-negotiated bundled rate
  • pre/postoperative rehabilitation
  • white-glove concierge service with full care coordination

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