Working in employee health benefits is a very rewarding experience. There are only a few opportunities in corporate life that offer the ability to positively impact the lives of so many people. However being a benefit leader is a hard job. The complexity and ever-changing landscape can be quite challenging.

The latest challenge is the explosion of new point solutions in the health benefits market. Besides medical, dental, vision and pharmacy, benefit leaders are constantly sifting through voluntary, supplemental, indemnity and many other types of benefits. On top of all this, hundreds of new and innovative digital health benefits are available in the market – each claiming to impact health outcomes and reduce costs. While a thriving ecosystem of health benefits can be a great thing, for many companies it has become a source of aggravation, with growing administrative and technology burden of implementation and engagement.

The expectations of employees from their health benefits are also changing faster than ever before. For several years now, companies have been steadily shifting the cost burden (premiums, deductible and copay) to employees, who have now started to expect personalization and suitability of offered benefits to their unique needs.

How can companies meet the fast changing demands of health benefits, and provide a delightful experience to employees?

They can start by bring all benefits together in a single platform. This is much more than providing links on your intranet. This is about truly integrating benefits – on one website and mobile app. One login to access all benefits, integrated appointment scheduling across providers, integrated health records, claims and a seamless, unified interface for employees.

With such a platform, you can start to monitor what programs are working and fix which ones are not. You can start to personalize programs to meet the specific needs of each employee. You can start to engage employees by presenting them the right care, from the right provider, using the right benefit, at the right time.

There is no doubt that benefit leaders are working very hard to make a difference in employee’s health and well-being. Having a command-and-control system to manage and optimize all benefits will make their life easier and provide them the ability to deliver personalized and complex solutions, regardless of their size.

At Sprite Health, we work hard every day to help self-funded employers design simpler, lower-cost, higher-value musculoskeletal benefits. Sprite empowers your people with simple, transparent, upfront pricing for services and treatments that address their specific needs. With hands-on support by our concierge, your people get a seamless, personalized experience that makes accessing, understanding, navigating and paying for care effortless.

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