We’re entering an era, where everyone likes their experiences to be immediate and catered to their preferences. That’s why your benefits communication should evolve from intranet-based links to human-centered, year-round mobile interactions to engage employees.

Even though many benefit plans and providers currently offer their own mobile apps and websites – most of these apps are rarely used by employees. Multiple logins, inconsistent, incoherent experience are big barriers to utilization.

It is time for you to have your own fully integrated benefits mobile app. An app that integrates all benefits into a single place and provides a simple, unified, consistent experience to your employees and families.

The goals of your mobile app should be global availability, simplicity, personalization, and a one-stop shop for all benefits.

With your benefits experience mobile app, your employees can access and utilize all benefits in a way that works best for their family. To further the impact, you can provide them a simple way to check coverage, view medical records, tests, Rx history, claims and even make payments using integrated HSA account.

The personalized digital experiences delivered through your mobile app can make benefits’ support immediately accessible to any employee, anywhere, and at any time. This will increase utilization of your programs and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

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